Photograph by Susanne Ollmann

In 1998 I walked away from a "successful" career as a litigator in order to paint. I work at my Dupont Circle home/studio in Washington, D.C., in the company of three cats and, on occasion, the elusive and multi-talented EMT, musician and environmentalist, Bob Fener. I am largely self-taught, although I have studied with several very gifted Washington area artists including Annette Polan (portraiture), Patrick Kirwin (realism and illusion), and Mary del Popolo (color).

Like most artists, I paint because I have to; the paintings are lined up inside my head demanding to be realized. The Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca reportedly said that there are three elements favoring the divine spark of inspiration: demonic irrationality, proximity to nature, and an awareness of death. For me, the magic of painting is to enter a realm unbound by everyday rules and conventions, yet inspired by the mystery and beauty of nature. My painting is informed by the nostalgia and even absurdity of the moment - the consciousness that all existence is flux.

I paint to pay tribute to the fragile beauty of insects, the brilliance of flowers and autumn leaves, the fleeting moment when rooftops at sunset shine like jewels, the patterns in stone, the shifting colors of water, the grace of a cat, the iridescence of a fish, the humor in the eyes of a friend. Artists are told that they must paint as if they had an eternity, and also as if each day were their last. Somewhere in the tension between those poles, there is a state of enchantment where the artist, if she is fortunate, is allowed to briefly visit, and maybe even hike around a bit and have a snack. My paintings are postcards from this state; I hope some may reach recipients who will read and enjoy their messages, as opposed to wondering: "What crackpot sent this?"


I usually paint in acrylics because I find them to be a brilliantly colored, contemporary, highly versatile, and (relatively) environmentally friendly medium. I also make digital images based on these paintings, sometimes combined with scanned images and photographs. Unless otherwise indicated, the paintings on this website are not for sale, but I will consider commissions for similar pieces. Any painting or digital images I have can also be printed in small or large format for greeting cards, announcement, and poster-sized art. Any painting can be converted into a digital image, and further manipulated to create other images.

For commissions, portraits, and pet portraits, prices start from $750 for smaller pieces; from $1,500 for larger pieces, with additional charges for more than one figure. I have painted a number of pro-bono projects to raise funds for environmental and other causes; requests for contributions of artwork will be considered on a case-by-case basis. I am also receptive to donating limited rights for use of my images by charitable organizations, provided I have given authorization in writing and my work is credited.


My images are available on greeting cards with a matte photographic surface measuring 5.5" x 8.5". The cost is $3.00 per card. Many of my clients like to order personalized messages such as "A note from Heather" under the image.


Giclées are extremely high quality digital reproductions; the print matrix is so fine that each ink droplet is smaller than a red blood cell. You have to see these reproductions in person to appreciate how crisp and gorgeous they are. Giclées of many of my images, printed with archival inks on heavy rag paper, are currently available in various sizes, priced between $25 and $400.